Common Massage Catastrophes

It is important for professionals to provide a certain level of service and etiquette when performing each massage in order to keep their business growing while maintaining a steady base of clients. On the flip side, it is equally important for the recipient to be specific about their reasons for the appointment to the masseuse, be it physical therapy or relaxation. Without proper communication or etiquette, a day at work can quickly become a nightmare, and a day at the spa can become the opposite of a relaxing trip.

Common Catastrophes for the Masseuse:

1. Not Maintaining Proper Massage Ethics

As a professional, you should be well read and well rehearsed in the area of massage ethics. Receiving the proper education and certification to become a masseuse often includes instruction on the boundaries of a therapist-client relationship. However, if you have been practicing for several years and your code of ethics has lapsed in any way, you have a professional obligation to refresh your memory.

As a general rule, do not discuss client information with other clients. If a client has divulged pertinent medical information to the therapist, for example, that information should be kept strictly confidential.

Professionals should also remain wary of beginning an intimate relationship with a client. This means that calling a client at home—unless you are calling to confirm or cancel an appointment—would be inappropriate. It is also inappropriate to accept personal gifts from clients, outside of standard industry gratuity or tip.

2. Not Offering Professional Customer Service

Customer service is important in any industry, but it is especially important in massage therapy because a client is likely to repeat business only if he or she has had a pleasant experience.

This means taking the time to greet each client as soon as he or she arrives, and to make them as comfortable as possible from the moment they walk in the door. A greeting does not have to be a complicated gesture. Merely offering your client a seat in the waiting room or a glass of water can instantly put them at ease.

It is also important for to look and act in a professional manner. This should include a clean and presentable uniform. Clients should not feel offended or embarrassed by how you present yourself or by your wardrobe. If you are a smoker, be sure that your clients cannot smell the smoke on you. Some clients may be allergic, and others may simply not return if they have to smell smoke.

Common Catastrophes for the Client:

1. Not Arriving or Leaving on Time

It may sound simple, but arriving and leaving on time for your appointment can mean a great deal to a massage therapist. Not only is it the polite and courteous thing to do, but it shows awareness that your masseuse or masseur’s time is valuable.

Most professionals are performing massages all day, which means they have a schedule they need to adhere to. If one client is late, it could throw off the entire schedule. Plus, you don’t want to start off by establishing a bad relationship with your masseuse and you don’t want to have a rushed experience.

2. Not Being Honest About the Experience

One of the biggest mistakes a client can make is not speaking up or being honest about his or her experience. If anything makes you feel uncomfortable or if you experience pain at any point, say so. Most professionals work to make the experience enjoyable for you, so a few constructive comments can help both of you make the most of the appointment.

Your massage therapist will likely be more offended if you remain silent, or worse, if you don’t say anything and then tell all your friends about how much you didn’t enjoy the experience. Above all else, it should be an enjoyable experience, so don’t cheat yourself out of letting that happen.