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Top 50 Raw Food and Lifestyle Blogs

Eating raw food is not just a fad for the rich and famous, but a healthy alternative many people are utilizing to improve their physical and spiritual health. The following blogs document everything from delicious raw food recipes to entire lifestyles tailored around raw eating. There are even blogs that form communities of support and guidance for others seeking a raw lifestyle.



From finding excellent sources of raw foods to raw restaurants to keeping the family raw, these blogs give an insight to raw living.

  1. We Like it Raw. From raw chocolate to discounts to workshops, the posts here will have you hooked up to the raw eating world.
  2. Rawmodel. Travel, raw restaurants, finding unusual natural (and raw, of course) foods all figure prominently on this blog.
  3. LovingRaw. From advice on going raw to healthy eating to living a raw lifestyle, this blog covers it all.
  4. Awesome to be Rawsome. This woman is in her sixties and living a raw food lifestyle she shares with readers here.
  5. Goddess of the Garden. From recipes to living in harmony with nature, this blog covers living the raw lifestyle as a family.
  6. HiHoRosie’s Place. This blog offers product reviews, information on finding raw food, and other tasty raw lifestyle tidbits.
  7. Nature Mom’s Blog. Parenting, living a healthy life, and raw foods are the focus of this blog. Check out the raw fudge cookie recipe for a yummy raw treat.
  8. Raw Girl too!. Chocolate pudding for breakfast? Learn how this raw mom feeds her crew healthily…and very fun.
  9. Raw Royalty. From running to eating smart to delicious raw recipes, the posts at this blog will have you inspired for a raw lifestyle.
  10. Kombucha Chic. Find out about everything from healthy juices, what to keep in your kitchen, and even snowboarding at this blog. Take the One Week Raw project to help jumpstart your 100% raw diet.


Raw Living and Spirituality

If you seek a higher experience from eating raw, read these blogs for inspiration and spiritual guidance.

  1. Shazzie. Focusing on love, life, liberty, and divinity, this woman shares her advice about life where eating raw figures highly.
  2. Radical Radiance. Courtney Pool blogs about the beauty of life, spirituality, eating raw, juicing, and more on her blog.
  3. Sweetie Raw Food Goodness. This blogger shares her spiritual and physical journey on the path of a raw lifestyle as well as some tasty recipes as well.
  4. Isle Dance. Eating raw and embracing a simple, spiritual life is the focus of this blog.


Health and Beauty

Many people embark on a raw lifestyle for the healthy benefits and the beauty such health brings. Read these blogs for more on health through raw eating.

  1. Raw Dish. Blogging from his home in Hawaii, Stephen Parker posts about his meals, yoga, and other healthy aspects of his life.
  2. Go Raw Have Fun!. From healthy recipes to healthy reasons to eat raw, this blog encourages raw eating for your heath.
  3. Beautiful on Raw. Living a raw lifestyle, beauty, and health figure prominently on this blog.
  4. Julie’s Raw Ambition. Not only can you find delicious recipes here, but you can also find information on raw, vegan, and vegetarian restaurants, tips for a healthy lifestyle, and focuses on eating local and organic when possible.
  5. Kristen’s Raw. From healthy eating to recipes to exercise, Kristen covers plenty of topics and provides lots of great information.
  6. Loving Raw Food and Fitness. This beautiful mama shares her journey on a raw and fit lifestyle. She has recently decided to eat less than 100% raw, so follow along to see where her healthy life takes her next.
  7. Raw Pomona. This blogger has taken a midlife turn towards better health through eating raw, vegan, organic, and unprocessed foods.
  8. Raw Inspiration. From suburban gardening to wild edible plants, this blog focuses on raw living for health.
  9. RawReform E-Journal. After recovering from morbid obesity several years ago through eating raw, this blogger shares health and nutrition information for a raw lifestyle.
  10. The Raw Diva’s Blog. Get health information specifically customized to women and eating raw on this blog. Be sure to join the 90-day detox too.
  11. Debbie Does Raw. Using a raw diet to combat cancer, Debbie blogs about her raw lifestyle with such a bright energy you may be inspired as well.


About Food and Recipes

Whether you need new inspiration for an old raw menu or are curious how to make a raw diet work, these blogs offer so many delicious recipes and information about food that you will certainly find what you need here.

  1. Rawdorable. This mama and raw food blogger shares delicious recipes for those interested in eating raw.
  2. Raw Food with Jessica. Get tasty recipes as well as interesting information about fruits and vegetables here.
  3. Adventures of Raw Goddess Healthy. This raw goddess shares her incredible recipes that are mostly on the sweet side as well as her travel adventures.
  4. Becoming Raw Vegan. Follow along as this woman and her husband try to go vegan and raw. They share recipes, challenges, successes, and more.
  5. Heavenly Raw. While Solla’s blog hasn’t been updated for a few months, the delicious recipes and the views from this popular blogger’s native Iceland are well worth going through the archives to read.
  6. Hi-Rawkus. From spicy coconut soup to potato pancakes to savory sesame crackers with veggies, this blog will have your mouth watering before you can make it to the store for the ingredients.
  7. Punk Rawk Labs. Get recipes and photos for food that is both raw and vegan at this blog.
  8. Raw Food Passion. Between the delicious photos and the yummy recipes, its tough to decide which one from this blog to try first.
  9. The Daily Raw Cafe. This blog informs readers about specific foods and even throws in some recipes as well. This is a great place to go to learn about selecting tomatoes or growing sprouts.
  10. The Sunny Raw Kitchen. Get incredible recipes as well as information about other raw bloggers at this raw cyber-kitchen.
  11. Too Juicy!. Ginger-carrot soup, strawberry shortcake, and samosas in red curry are among the recipes you can find on this blog.
  12. The Raw Chef Blog. Don’t miss the incredible recipes on this blog including such treats as pesto and caramelized onion pizza and cherry and mango ice cream cup.


The News and Science Behind Raw

Stay on top of what is happening in the world of raw food and lifestyle or find out the latest scientific research with the information found in these blogs.

  1. MyRawFoodBlog. This blog discusses everything from the biochemistry behind eating raw to how foods with unsaturated fats can reduce hunger cravings.
  2. Raw Food Blog. Read about the latest research in raw food diets, health benefits for kids and adults alike, and much more on this blog that keeps those interested in raw eating in the know.
  3. Raw Food, Right Now. This blog will help you learn how to make eating raw work for you or just keep you updated on what is happening in the raw food world.



Taking on a less mainstream way of life can leave you feeling isolated and alone. These blogs strive to create community, support, and encouragement for those embracing the raw lifestyle.

  1. Give it to Me Raw. This community of bloggers share support for weight loss, living healthily, and eating raw.
  2. The Renegade Health Show. From advice from experts to recipes, these videos and blog posts will keep raw eaters connected and knowledgeable.
  3. Pure Jeevan. Sprinkled among the “My Raw Story” posts about readers’ successes are great tips and information for raw foodies including travel tips and recipes.
  4. Rawbin’s Bubble. Get connected to the raw community with the posts at this blog that share plenty of raw living adventures with those in both cyberspace and real life.
  5. Real Food Tulsa. Penni Shelton’s search for healthier living through raw foods and natural health has lead to a community in Tulsa as well as surrounding communities that share her vision.
  6. Karen Knowler * The Raw Food Coach. Whether you need professional help getting started on a raw food diet or starting your raw food business, find out information here or contact Karen for her professional services.
  7. Raw Success. An 8 year raw veteran, Matt shares information and views from plenty of experts in the field via his videos and public speaking events.
  8. Gone Raw. Get recipes posted all day long from members sharing their raw eating experiences here.
  9. The Fresh Network Blog. Look for education and inspiration when it comes to living a raw food lifestyle on this community-effort blog out of the UK.
  10. they like to give it to me raw. This blog aggregator brings the best of raw blogs to you every day.