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100 Blogs that Will Inspire You to Be a Better Person

Everyone needs a little help sometimes in getting motivated, relaxing, feeling happy or just getting those creative juices flowing. Luckily, the Internet is full of places to find inspiration. These blogs can help you get moving towards your goals, whether you want to give back more to the community, feel better about yourself, or just get in shape.


Must Reads

These blogs are must-reads for anyone looking to get inspired. You’ll find everything from personal development tips to ways to be happier.

  1. Zen Habits: This blog is one of the best out there for those looking for some inspiration. It provides articles on topics like productivity, saving money, getting in shape, simplifying your life and so much more.
  2. Steve Pavlina: Think you’ve messed up your life too bad to come back? Steve Pavlina went from sitting in jail for felony theft to graduating from school with a double major in computer science and mathematics. He’s now a successful blogger and speaker and you can find hundreds of wonderful and inspirational tips on his blog.
  3. Brian Kim: This blog helps you to find ways to invest in yourself, through getting in shape, improving your mental health, boosting your finances and more.
  4. Change Your Thoughts: If you’re looking to make a positive change in your life this blog has plenty to offer to you. Blogger Steven Aitchison gives some great tips on everything from finances to spiritual well-being.
  5. LifeHacks: What could be better than making your life more efficient by getting organizing and streamlining? This blog is full of tips to help you make the most of everything you do.
  6. Dumb Little Man: Don’t let the title of this blog fool you; the content is anything but dumb. With posts on everything from improving your communication skills to reducing your stress, this blog can be a great source of inspiration and information.
  7. Success Begins Today: Don’t wait until tomorrow to start working towards your goals– start today. This blog focuses on tips to boost your personal productivity and get you on the path to success in your career and beyond.
  8. 43 Folders: Check out this blog by Merlin Mann to learn some simple ways you can start making your life better.
  9. Life Optimizer: Everyone faces setbacks on the road to success, and this blog helps you learn how to turn those roadblocks into success with posts on productivity, optimism and personal growth.
  10. LifeHacker: One of the most popular personal development and productivity blogs out there, LifeHacker contains tons of tips to help you make the most of the technology at hand to help you work faster and keep important and useful information at your fingertips.


Goals and Dreams

Do you have a personal goal that you haven’t found a way to achieve yet? These blogs can help get you started on working towards that goal with some inspirational tips and suggestions.

  1. Inspire Possibility: This blogger was formerly a trial lawyer but is now a life coach and helps clients to develop their leadership potential. Check out his blog for tips on getting where you want to be in life.
  2. Sean Rassmussen: Sean Rassmussen’s blog is all about the law of attraction and helping success to come your way. His blog is full of ideas and suggestions to help you build your financial wealth and build better communication skills.
  3. Shar’s Empowerment Blog: Sharmen Lane wasn’t always a successful author, life coach and radio coach. In fact, she started off as a manicurist and her blog is full of articles that can help you turn your dreams of success into realities just like she did.
  4. Cultivate Greatness: Do you see yourself as a leader? This blog will help you build your skills and become the respected and satisfied individual you’ve always wanted to be.
  5. Illuminated Mind: This blog is all about personal development and contains some great articles like “How to Make Your Dreams a Reality” and “33 of Life’s Most Powerful Lessons” to help you get inspired to follow your dreams.
  6. Today is That Day: Whether you believe in the law of attraction or not, this blog is a great place to find inspirational advice on finding happiness and fulfillment.
  7. Dream Manifesto: Check out this site to find a great collection of articles that can help you come up with creative ways to achieve your dreams in your career or your personal life.
  8. Success Soul: Blogger Shilpan Patel shares personal experiences of hard work and success in this blog, which provides great, simple ways to work towards being getting over your fear of failure and finding real success and fulfillment in life.



Most of us spend a good portion of our waking hours as work, so it’s important that those hours are spent doing something that makes us happy, not miserable. These blogs can provide some advice on turning your job into something more rewarding.

  1. The Lean Blog: This blog explains just what the “lean” is and how it can make a difference specifically in hospitals and factories but more generally in any kind of work.
  2. Sales Motivation: If you work in any kind of sales field, you know that there are times when it’s hard to close the deal. This blog can serve as a source of motivation on those days when you just can’t seem to make it all come together.
  3. The Lazy Way to Success: While it may sound crazy, this blogger explains how you can do less and accomplish more by making the most of the time you’re working.
  4. Entrepreneur’s Journey: Taking to the net for work opportunities? This blog is a great place to find advice on working on the Internet, marketing a business and running a blog.
  5. Web Worker Daily: Chances are pretty good that even if you don’t work directly on the Web that you use it for work during at least some part of your day. This blog can help you find ways to make working on the internet, and on computers in general, more productive.
  6. LifeDev: Creative people will love this blog, with tips, tools and resources that can give you insights into ways you can improve your work and your life.
  7. Simple Productivity: This blog is full of easy-to-follow tips on time management and productivity that can help you make the most of the time you spend at work so you have more time to spend with the people you care about.
  8. Ian’s Messy Desk: Check out this site for tips on getting the most out of every hour of the day. You’ll find helpful advice that can boost your productivity and help you communicate better with others.
  9. Make Use Of: Why waste time on tasks that are repetitive or that can be done much easier with a simple computer program? This site is full of links to websites and programs that can help you shave valuable minutes off the time you spend working each day.
  10. All Things Workplace: Get some tips on standing out in your office, making things run more smoothly and much more in this blog totally dedicated to work issues.


Personal Development

If you’re looking for a little extra motivation or guidance, check out these blogs designed to help you be better at being you.

  1. Pick the Brain: This blog is all about self-improvement and you’ll find articles on improving everything in your life from finances to your stress level.
  2. LiteMind: Blogger Luciano Passuello believes that our minds are the greatest tools we have to accomplishing anything and his blog is full of tips to help you make the most of your brain power to get the things you want out of life.
  3. Genius Types: Check out this blog to get some ideas on how to improve your creativity, make more money, work in a team and more.
  4. Ririan Project: Here you’ll find a little bit of everything from tips and guides on eating right to information on how to build your self-esteem.
  5. JustinDriscoll: This blogger and minister is all about giving you tips on how to be incredible, love your job and embrace your spiritual side.
  6. How to Succeed Socially: If you’ve always been a bit socially awkward or tend to be the wallflower at parties, give this blog a read. You’ll find tips and advice on coming out of your shell and letting the world know the real you.
  7. You Already Know This Stuff: This blog isn’t about teaching you new things, it’s about helping you use the things you already know to make your life the best it can be.
  8. Universe of Success: Get a little push in the right direction from this blog, full of useful tips and information to help you make big and little changes in your life for the better.
  9. The Power of Choice: While you may not always like the choices you’re offered, or find them easy to make, this blog explains how to go about choosing the path that’s best for you and how powerful your choices truly are.
  10. Are you in search of personal freedom? This blogger is, and he share his experiences in his blog as he works towards the goals he holds to be important.


Being Happy

At the end of the day, all that really matters is your happiness. These blogs can give you some guidance on finding that happiness and keeping it even when things are tough.

  1. Abbey of the Arts: This blogger holds a PhD in Christian Spirituality, but he blog focuses not only on the spiritual but in finding beauty in the simple and everyday and creating art that feeds the soul.
  2. The Positivity Blog: Keep a healthy attitude about work and life in general through posts on this blog that help you to deal with everything from dealing with procrastination to working on your social skills.
  3. Chief Happiness Officer: Don’t think there’s any way your workplace can be a happy one? Read this blog for inspirational ideas on making your workday something you don’t dread getting through every day.
  4. Balanced Life Center: If you’re looking for ways to live a more inspired life, this blog contains a variety of tips, tools and techniques to get you started.
  5. Self-Help Happiness Blog: Want to be happy? This blog provides the means for you to do it yourself, with quotes, tips and inspirational stories to get you started.
  6. Happiness Club Blog: This blog contains wonderful inspirational stories, reviews of books, and news that can be a great way to learn all about what it takes to be happy.
  7. Happiness Blog: Blogger Michele Moore talks about the nature of happiness in this blog and provides some tips and important things to think about when it comes to being happy and finding happiness in your life.
  8. Mark and Angel Hack Life: With tips on everything from living well before you die to ways to boost your productivity, this blog can be a great place to find inspiration to be happier in your personal and professional lives.
  9. Money and Happiness: Money is often a source of stress, especially if you don’t have nearly enough of it to go around. This blog can help you learn to work towards financial happiness and let your finances stop ruling your life.
  10. The Happiness Project: Ever wanted to know if those self-improvement tips actually make a difference? This blogger has taken them to heart and spent a year trying out every guru out there. Check out her blog for reports on what really works to make you happier.


Giving Back

One way to feel good and to help others to feel good as well is by giving back to your community. These blogs provide inspirational stories and information that can help you find new and inspiring ways to live with purpose.

  1. Blogger Stories: Think bloggers can’t make a difference? This blog is all about just that, with bloggers who have made a big impact in their communities telling their stories.
  2. Let’s Do Something Good: Help counteract all the negative things in the world by putting a little good out there. This blogger explains small things you can do to make the world a little better each day.
  3. World Volunteer Web: Want to learn about volunteering operations around the world? You can do just that on this site and read dozens of inspirational stories about people who have made a big difference in the lives of others.
  4. HoundsGood: In this digital age you may not even need to show up in person to volunteer. This blog is full of ways that you can join the ranks of virtual volunteers and make a difference right from your own home.
  5. The Fundraising Coach: Nearly all charitable organizations can use a little extra funding and this blog provides helpful advice on making the most out of fundraising campaigns.
  6. Everyday Giving: Get all warm and fuzzy reading this blog, which is full of inspirational stories of ways big and small people have given back to help others around them.
  7. BlackGivesBack: While geared towards the African-American community, this blog can be an inspiration for anyone who wants to find new ways to donate and get involved in the community.
  8. The (Late) Breakfast Society: Learn about this organization which supports the development of youth through community activities. You may even come up with some ways to help young people in your own community.
  9. Want to make the world a better place? This blog can help you start, by providing news and views on the latest developments in volunteering and charitable work.
  10. Charities Blog: This blog provides links to charities and also some thoughtful commentary on those who are working within charities or donating to them to ensure others who are disadvantaged get the help that they need.


Embracing the Spiritual

Whether you want to get in touch with God or just want to find some inner peace, these blogs are geared towards helping you get in touch with your spiritual side.

  1. Meditation and Inspiration: If you’re in search of a little guidance for your mediations this blog can be a big help. Check out the daily inspirational offerings to help you get in touch with your inner self.
  2. The Sacred Path: Those with an interest in shamanism may find this blog particularly inspirational. Blogger Richard shares his spiritual journey on the site and provides numerous other helpful resources for those still in search of spiritual inspiration.
  3. The Level 8 Buddhist: If Buddhism is a philosophy you’re interested in, give this blog a chance. You’ll find posts about the tenets of Buddhism as well as ways you can apply it to your everyday life.
  4. Goodness Graciousness: This blog is dedicated to celebrating the good in the world and can help you embrace the happiness the universe has to offer you.
  5. All Considering: Check out this site for some interesting posts on spiritual growth and changing your life.
  6. Daily Spiritual Quotes: Looking for a little inspiration? Check out these daily quotes to find some sage advice and wisdom on your spiritual quest.
  7. Awakening Sense: If you want to awaken that inner you, take a look at this blog. The blogger isn’t a spiritual expert, but someone who just wants to share personal experiences and feelings with others.
  8. Life 2.0: Help accelerate your path to self-realization by giving this blog a look-see. You’ll find posts on everything from inspirational stories and quotes to links to interesting websites.
  9. Surfing the Tao: Check out this blog to increase your spiritual awareness while also getting posts on the latest news, technologies and politics.
  10. A Grateful Heart: Appreciate all your daily blessings though this blog. On it, you’ll ge access to photos, inspirational quotes and much more.


Simplifying Life

Free your mind, and your space, of all that clutter. These blogs can help show you the way to a happier, simpler and even greener life.

  1. I’m an Organizing Junkie: Take some advice from this blogger on how to get rid of your clutter and make your home a more organized, peaceful place.
  2. Think Simple Now: This blog is dedicated to helping you find “creativity, clarity and happiness”. You’ll find articles that touch upon topics that will help you grow personally and spiritually.
  3. My Simpler Life: Beth Dargis, professional life coach, gives her advice on reducing the things in your life to those that you really care about in this blog.
  4. Everyday Simplicity: Whether you are just starting out with simplicity or have been on the bandwagon for awhile, this blog offers numerous tips on getting organized and embracing simple things every day.
  5. Psychology of Clutter: Just can’t seem to get rid of that stuff overflowing from every storage space in your home? there may be a psychological reason behind it and this blog can help you to understand what that may be.
  6. Finding Simplicity: If you feel overwhelmed by finances, clutter or just the junk in your life, take a look at this blog.
  7. Down to Earth: Find out loads of information of gardening, green living, and living frugally from simply life blogger Rhonda.
  8. Green and Simple Living: Learn how to conserve resources, reduce waste and live a simpler and more earth-friendly life from this blog.
  9. Plastic Drifter: These days, it seems everything is made of plastic or comes in a plastic container. This blog is all about minimizing the junk that clutters the modern home.
  10. Unclutterer: Check out these daily tips to help you get your desk, closet or anywhere organized and keep it that way.


Control Your Money

Money can be a big source of unhappiness both for you as the individual and in your relationships. These blogs can help give you advice on bringing your finances under control to make you happier and healthier.

  1. DoshDosh: If you don’t have the time to get a second job but want to make some money on the side you can get some help from this blog. You’ll find loads of tips to help you make money on the net through blogging and other online ventures.
  2. It’s Just Money: Want to learn some healthy financial tips from someone who’s been in the same boat as you at one time or another? This blog is a great place to start. You’ll find loads of tips informed by personal experience that can help you manage your money and plan for the future.
  3. I Will Teach You to be Rich: Ramit Sethi provides advice on topics like saving, productivity, personal finance and more on this popular and well-written blog.
  4. WiseBread: Who says you can’t live like a king on a shoestring budget? This blog provides tips on managing a budget, saving for the future and being frugal where it counts.
  5. Get Rich Slowly: This blog won’t help you to get rich overnight but it can teach you a few things that will assist you in getting your finances under control for the long haul.


Healthy Mind

Whether you need to work on your mental health or just want to be better at remembering important dates, these blogs have something inspirational to offer.

  1. Everyone Needs Therapy: While it might be hard to admit to yourself, everyone needs a little help dealing with emotional baggage now and then. This blog explains how some of those emotional issues might be affecting your life and offers a different take on mental issues.
  2. Selfvolution: You can get tips on self-improvement on this blog with posts that focus on everything from brain exercises to working out your financial kinks.
  3. The Pursuit of Happiness: Those battling with depression certainly aren’t alone as this blog proves. The blogger chronicles his experience, both the ups and downs, as he seeks treatment for depression.
  4. Addiction and Recovery: If you’re struggling with addition to drugs or alcohol check out this blog. You’ll find a range of information on the latest trends and research on addiction.
  5. Mind Hacks: Based on a book of the same name, this blog is full of neuroscience and psychology tricks to find out what’s going on inside your brain.
  6. Luminosity: Find some ways to improve the health of your brain on this blog. It’s run by neuroscience expert Michael Scanion, and you’ll find some engaging and fun games to play to keep your mind active.
  7. Mind Tweaks: Think your brain needs a little fine-tuning? Check out this blog for tips and tricks to strengthening your brain and keeping you mentally in shape.


Healthy Body

If you want to squeeze into those skinny jeans or just feel better about your health but haven’t found the motivation to get you started, check out these blogs. You’ll find all kinds of inspirational stories and advice that will give you a jump start on getting fit and feeling good.

  1. Inspired: Dr. Hannah Albert is a doctor that specializes in homeopathic care. Her blog is full of tips on how to use natural methods to improve your overall health and well being.
  2. Run to Win: Runners out there will appreciate this motivational blog. You’ll get tips and news about all kinds of topics that can help make you a better and more successful marathon runner.
  3. Ultimate Health and Conditioning: Ready for a challenge? This blog can provide you with the information you need to start a fulfilling fitness program and get your squishier parts in shape.
  4. Lose the Buddha: Check out this blog for the story of a woman who has struggled with weight loss and finally managed to lose that last 40 pounds.
  5. That Skinny Bitch: This blogger, like many out there, lost weight only to regain it. This blog is about her journey to lose the weight and keep it off for good this time.
  6. John is Fit: There’s nothing like opening yourself up to public scrutiny to help you stick to a weight loss and diet plan. This blogger hopes to shed some weight and keeps an inspirational diary of how he’s doing day-by-day in this blog.
  7. Fat Man Walking: Steve Vaught felt out of control of his life and wanted to take things back into his own hands and lose weight. He decided that to do that, he was going to walk all over the United States. This blog chronicles his epic journey in good times and in bad.
  8. Fat to 5K: Blogger Emil shares his story of weight loss, with a goal to go from his initial weight of 367 pounds to a much slimmer, trimmer runner’s body. Follow along as he monitors his diet and exercise and runs his first mile on his way to fitness.
  9. Yoga Blog: Learn how to make yoga part of your fitness routine with this instructional blog.
  10. Old Man Running: Think you’re too old to be out there working out? This 71-year-old blogger and runner proves that fitness is possible at any age.